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.: Arrow :.

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Post by Arrow Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:28 pm


.: Arrow :. Black-wolf-dominant

" Courage is... the knowledge of how to fear what ought to be feared and how not to fear what ought not to be feared."
-David Ben-Gurion

: Basic Information :

"Stupid dreams. Even the good ones are bad,
Because they remind you how poorly reality measures up
-- Neal Shusterman

N A M E  --  Arrow
N I C K N A M E S -- Row
A G E --  3 Years; 9 Months of Age
R A N K --  Rough - Future Slayer
G E N D E R --  Male
S P E C I E S -- Timber Wolf

: Physical Appearance :

.: Arrow :. Black-wolf-portrait-john-hyde

"Live for yourself, and you will live in vain;
Live for others, and you will live again
-- Bob Marley

H E I G H T --  35 inches at his shoulder; taller then the average wolf due to his large ears
W E I G H T --  110 lbs; average weight
B U I L D --  Extremely Slim and a bit taller then the average wolf but strong enough to bring down a powerful Elk. Much of his body mass consists of thick muscle that he has gained form years of hunting.
C O A T --  Arrow’s fur is nearly that of any other grey wolf. The thickness of his fur usually depends on the changing seasons. In the winter, it becomes thick, fluffy as the undercoat continues to grow to preserve body heat; and is often tangled by the winter winds. In the early spring and summer, a thin coat moves to replace his thick coat.
F U R - C O L O R --  Arrow’s entire body is the shade of the shades; black.
E Y E - C O L O R --  Bright orange with golden hue
M A R K I N G S / S C A R S --  His ear appears slightly chewed from a fight with his brother; He also bores small cuts and marks from various hunting mishaps and rides down stream.

: Attributes :

Winter's cold spring erases
And the calm away by the storm is chasen
Everything good needs replacing
-- Dave Matthews Band

P E R S O N A L I T Y --  This wolf has the most vicious temper. Even the slightest thing can anger him and send him into a savage rage that quells at different rates every time. Arrow is often known as a wild one thanks to his untamable nature. It is believed that he became this cold, mean wolf due to the extermination of most of his family. Truly, Arrow can be the most fiery wolf that some may ever meet. His tongue is sharper and faster than his fangs and it is hard for him to become submissive to those he deems unworthy. The only way to weave a way into his small world is to do something that even puts him to shame. Sometimes telling him off will make him respect a wolf since not many even dare to try.

Even with his sharp tongue, Arrow prefers to be quiet. Only a few of his words are expressed from his speech. The rest which is a huge portion, is represented by his body language. His orange eyes also tend to say things that he won't. When it comes to members of the opposite sex, he is a charmer with words and actions. It is not uncommon for him to break hearts since he is afraid of getting too close and of his own heart becoming broken. He lives by the rule that "the one who cares less holds the most power". In the eyes of the majority of females, he is the project that they just have to fix. Maybe believe that he will change if they get close enough to break down his barriers and learn everything. Whether this is true or not, no one knows. Not even Arrow.

Truly, he is headstrong to take on anyone. There is no one that he would not back down from or fight. When it comes to being challenged, Arrow accepts immediately. He always keeps to his own traditions when it comes to little scuffles or full blown battles. Never will he be the first to strike for he sees it as dishonourable. Killing a wolf is something he would never dream of doing unless it was absolutely essential and he had no other choice. Is really the most honourable and courageous wolf that some will ever meet. He has good intentions most of the time but just has the worst ways of achieving his goals.

On rare times, Arrow can be as docile as a puppy. This happens because there are times when he comes to terms with the death of his family but this illusion is easily erased by something being said wrong or him snapping back to reality. When he is in this state, he sometimes will reveal bits and pieces of his life. If they can get all of the information he has hidden deep in his heart, it may be that they can change him from a wild, angry wolf to one who is kinder and less fierce.

After all of his shields and walls are broken down, he becomes vulnerable. When there is nothing to hide only one will be able to see that Arrow truly is a nice wolf when he wants to be but only towards the ones who are closest. Even those who are close to him should be wary, he will still snap. To outsiders, he regains his cold demeanor. It is very hard to get him to become his hidden self since it is buried so deep within himself that even he isn't aware that it still exists.

According to ARROW, he harbours a beast in his soul. It is a burden to him that causes him to lash out with a record setting ferociousness. It only comes out when fire runs hot through his veins and he sees red. While at first he'll try to control it, he will eventually just let it have its free roam over his emotions because he grows bored of holding it back. When the monster has taken control of his mind, it destroys all rational thought and he will attack though his tradition of never striking first remains in effect. To get another to attack before he does, he will taunt them on things that he knows will bother them. In this state, it is best to leave him alone and let him quiet down on his own.

There is an authoritative air that radiates off of him like his confidence. Unlike many, he is utterly certain of his destiny and there is an aura of far off places about him. Gale is a rather stolid character, until his anger enters the fray.

S T R E N G T H S --  Using his build to an advantage, Arrow has immense speed and agility, making him sure to win any race in which he is challenged. He also has good lung capacity, which gives him great stamina, allowing him to run great distances. In a violent situation, he has the ability to remain quite calm and enjoys fooling his enemies by appearing weak and scared.
W E A K N E S S E S --  Often leaps before he thinks, and isn't the best at giving advice. He hates to start a fight, and hardly works well in quick situations. If there is a fight, Arrow has a bad habit of attempting to solve the issue and can get quite defensive.
T A L E N T S --   Speed and Agility, can fit into small spaces. He has unusually good hearing even for a wolf.
H A B I T S --:   Napping in random places, laughing uncontrollably, trying to do things alone and cracking a pun every now and again.

L I K E S --  

Chewing Sticks
Racing, he thinks he can win every time
Dirt/ Mud
→  Fighting

D I S L I K E S --  
Frustrating situations
Pointless and irrelevant questions
Warm/ humid weather
Regret and guilt

: Life Events :

You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest
that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present
-- Jan Glidewell

From the very beginning of Arrow’s life, the primal rhythm of the hunt beat in time with his fate. From the den where he lay with his brothers and sisters, nestled close to the warmth of their mother’s belly, the sound of the pounding footsteps of elk that roamed nearby traveled through the ground, and to his ears. And although he did not yet understand what the significance of these sounds were, each time the thundering hooves quaked the air, his pulse quickened and he felt the instinctive need to abandon the safety of the den and follow those footfalls wherever they may lead. And although he could never have guessed at the time, those mysterious footsteps would echo throughout his life, each time making his heart beat faster, his subconscious telling him to follow, and his paws leading him places that he never could have imagined.

The first time fate’s hoof beats called to him, he was 3 weeks old. Eyes now open, and milk teeth beginning to make their appearance, he and his siblings had just begun to explore the tiny den that was the only world they knew of. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t have made their first journey outside the den until a week later, but scarcely ever does life play out entirely under normal circumstances. First, came the scent of smoke, faint at first, but thickening with alarming speed. Sayoren‘s head appeared in the entrance of the den and caught the gaze of Aneira, hasty thoughts passing between them with a swiftness that no words could have achieved. Aneira called to her children, telling them to follow as best they could, taking Race in her jaws. Sayoren followed suit, picking up Rune as he passed and urging the rest of the pups to hurry as best he could through the young one’s fur. But as they all exited the den, the rumbling of footsteps shook the air. The eyes of all the wolves widened, the pups’ in curiosity, the parents’ in fear. Bolting, the group set of running, away from the smoke, and away from where the thundering hooves were originating, and drawing nearer. But pups are not fit to run with the speed and stamina of their fully grown parents, and soon All those but the pups carried in their parents’ mouths were soon left behind. When Sayoren and Aneira reached the edge of the woods, they dropped Race and Rune unceremoniously on the ground and sped back for the others. The pups hadn’t gotten far without their parents, and the footsteps were growing louder by the moment. By this time, all were choking on the dark smoke that consumed the air. Then, the footsteps descended. Cutting through the smoke, a herd of elk stampeded through the small group, splitting it in half. Ainera and Rylor stood in shock on one side of the herd, while Sayoren, Aethos, and Arrow stood, equally shocked, on the opposite side, each assuming that the youngest female was with the other group. But, in all of the confusion, the single daughter, Cealus, was trampled beneath the herd’s mighty hooves. So it was all the two separated groups could do to lead those on their own side to safety. Aenera, and Rylor made it safely back to Rune and Race, but Sayoren, Aethos, and Arrow were nowhere to be found, at the edge of the woods too far away from where they were to even know that the others were alive.

For a week the two groups searched for each other, only succeeding in getting farther apart, throats too raw with smoke and ash too howl. Finally, they decided it was time to give up. Aneira, Rune, and Race (Rylor had not survived after the amount of smoke he inhaled) found their way to a new pack where Aneira soon found a mate with the alpha male, and started her life anew, her remaining children quickly forgetting the past. And Sayoren, Aethos, and Arrow traveled in the opposite direction, also finding a pack, but not with quite as much success.

At first, everything was fine. The males mourned their lost families briefly, and Aethos and his brother, like their siblings so many miles away, found that memories of the rest of their family and the day when their first home went up in red flames faded quickly from their minds. They were accepted warmly, and the two brothers grew up as though nothing had happened.

Soon they were both yearlings. Arrow had found his calling in the hunt, in which area he was immensely successful in, leading even some of the senior hunters to jealousy, and Aethos found his calling in the young alpha female, Syla. With the attributes of his strength, and charm, before anyone could foresee it, he became mates with Syla, capturing her affections, and in turn, the alpha male position. Arrow was happy for his brother, although he never said so, he was so often out hunting that he never offered his congratulations to the new pair. However, there were some in the pack that took this as a sign that he too vied for Syla’s affections, and that, in fact, his increased interest in hunting was an attempt to impress the female. But others took these supposed efforts for Syla’s attention in a completely different mindset. Without Arrow around to defend himself, a seed of a rumor sprouted and grew with impressive swiftness that the hunter was merely out for the alpha male position; and that he would do anything to attain it.

So when Syla found that the initial novelty of her relationship had worn off, she decided that it was time to get rid of the two brothers. She had never intended to share her power for long, and she didn’t like the sound of the rumors about Arrow. There was no doubt in her mind. Both had to go.

That night, she lay her trap. Aethos had just lay down at the foot of a tall pine where they usually lay together through the hours up to dawn when she padded over, curling up beside him, her head resting against his flank.
“He’s planning to kill you, you know,” Syla remarked sleepily, no tone of interest in her voice, as though it were common knowledge. “You really should do something about that,”
“Who?” the younger brother asked, raising his head from the ground, looking to his mate curiously. “I don’t mean to seem vain, but who on earth would want to kill me?”
“Why your brother of course,” she replied, flashing him a look that feigned incredulity, “the hunter,” she proceeded, “Arrow,”
“Arrow? Why is Arrow trying to kill me?” Aethos inquired, his eyes widening in alarm,
“Oh, but don’t you know? He envies you.” she remarked plainly, then leaning closer to him, murmuring to him slyly, “He wants your rank. He wants me.” At which point Aethos rose to his feet, the fur on his back raising, his eyes narrowing in disbelief and anger, "I can't bear the thought of being without you Aethos..."
“Arrow wouldn’t,” he exclaimed, “doesn’t!” But Syla shook her head sadly, as though listening to a naïve pup. She rose to meet his gaze, her dangerous yellow eyes looking into his bewitchingly.
“He’s planning to kill you in your sleep,” she whispered,
“I won’t let him,”

So, with his mind buzzing, his mate’s words echoing in his ears, Aethos snuck off, making his way to where Arrow slept, determined to kill his brother before he could do the same to him. The hunter lay in the open, under the stars. Exhausted from his long day of hunting, he had collapsed and fallen asleep on the shore of the nearby creek on a bed of sand and smooth rocks. Easy prey to a brother who had been convinced that he was out for blood. Aethos crept silently up to him, eyes trained at his kin’s ebonny throat. But as he lunged for his target, his foot slipped on one of the smooth, water-worn rocks of the shore, warning Arrow just in time. Instinctively, the elder brother lashed out, his claws raking across his sibling’s eye just as Aethos’s fangs grazed his throat, drawing blood, but falling short of the deadly bite that had been intended. Now fully conscious, Arrow took in the scene, surprise and anger playing in his dark brown eyes.
“Aethos! What are you trying to do? Kill me?”
“Isn’t that what you were going to try to do to me?” Aethos responded coolly, although his eyes were wide, and his bloodstream was racing with adrenaline.
“Kill you? Aethos, why would I want to kill you?” Arrow asked in disbelief, looking at his younger brother as though he were meeting him for the first time.
“Because,” the younger sibling began hesitantly, beginning to doubt what had seemed clear reasoning only a moment ago, “You want Syla, you want to be the alpha male. I’ve heard the rumors, haven’t you?”
“No, no I haven’t” Arrow retorted, his annoyance at his accusation building. But before the misunderstanding could be settled, Syla approached from her spot in a nearby bush where she had been watching.
“Don’t let him confuse you Aethos, he’s just trying to distract you,” she coaxed in his ear, her face giving nothing away to the on-looking Arrow who could hear nothing. But her words did not affect him so easily as last time. He shook his head, unsure what was truth and what was not. “If you don’t kill him now, we can never be safe. Kill him now or leave. Kill him now, or you have failed me.” she whispered, making it clear that this was his last chance. When he didn’t respond, she snapped at his hind legs, making a bloody mess of them, backing away, and snarling,
“You may leave now,” she said coldly, “I have no place in my pack for those who attack their pack members. Don’t make me call the guards, I‘d hate my last images of you to be so gruesome.” she barked. So, not knowing what else to do, Aethos fled across the creek and into the distance, the blood from his hind legs trailing down onto the rocks of the creek, staining them red.

Without hesitation, Syla let her howl pierce the still air, calling the sleeping pack to her.
“The rumors were true. Arrow was trying to kill Aethos, and he’s succeeded.” she cried out, improvising the scene, and playing her part well. “Look!” she exclaimed, gesturing to the bloody stones that still hinted at a crimson past above the water’s fingers, “He murdered him and dumped his body in the creek,” she wailed, leaving Arrow speechless. Not only because it wasn't true, but also because, due to recent rainfall, the creek surged with a powerful current, and the scenario was completely plausible. It was the perfect crime. But although he shook his head vehemently, the guards had already begun closing in on him. The penalty for murder was banishment, and often certain death…
From the distant hunting grounds he could hear the pounding footsteps of waking elk, probably disturbed by his fleeing brother. His pulse raced and he only knew that he had to follow those footsteps. Pushing past the guards that threatened to circle him, he ran towards the sound, knowing somehow that only they could take him where he needed to go.

For months he followed the herd as it migrated, picking off stragglers when he was hungry, sleeping when he was tired, and drinking when thirst drove his throat to dryness. But for the most part, the only thing he did was follow the footsteps, because they were the only thing left that he knew was real.

One day however, his efforts paid off, and the elk led him strait into the territory of The Frozen Wind Pack. While in his previous pack he had heard of its legendary land, ruled by a fearsome alpha, but he never thought he would see them with his own eyes, let alone join them. But join them he did, and much to his surprise, he found more security and happiness he had ever felt in his first pack. And it was there that he made his first true friend, a fierce bronze-colored she-wolf named Dakota, also an avid and experienced hunter. But the pack didn't last. One day their alpha mysteriously disappeared and although the pack attempted to keep together without their leader, in the end they fell apart and dispersed. And as he said goodbye to all the good friends he had made, he heard the echoing of footsteps in the distance.

Again he followed the footsteps, and again he found a pack; this time, the Thunderous Echo Pack. Another pack that he had only heard of in stories; these ones told by his father, who had once been a member, before Cevian and Darid, the original alphas, had been killed.

So he joined, and rose quickly in its ranks to alpha male. And with Thalia, they rebuilt the legendary pack, and he came to know the rust-colored fae as a sister figure.

It wasn’t until they made their annual trip to the main den site that he discovered that she had once been Aethos’s mate. They fought, not with claws as he had become accustomed to, but with words that bit fiercer than any injury he had ever attained. When all had been said she bounded out of the cave and never returned. He led the pack through the last legs of its journey, to its main den site. But when the cover of nightfall came, he snuck away, the thundering footsteps clear to him in his mind.

For a while Arrow followed the elk herd as he had before, but this time a change in scenery came quickly. This time, the footsteps had brought him to the land of The Howling Wind Pack where he was reunited with an old friend. The bold Dakota had also come to this pack, and was now its beta female. Within the grand pack, he found new friends, and a new rank. With all his skill, it was little time before he secured the position of lead hunter. But shortly after, tragedy struck the pack. War ensued between the Howling Wind Pack and a neighboring pack, and the Alpha Female, Nadia, was murdered.

A dark mood seemed to settle over the pack. The other pack had retreated, but a new battle was being fought. Upon her death, Nadia left leadership to Pallatsera, who had only joined the pack recently. Dakota, haunted by the recent battle, and sour with the loss of the leadership that had been so certain to be hers, she challenged Pallatsera for her position. In the end she lost, and the two eventually made up and became friends, but in spite of it all, Arrow worried for his friend. And not without reason. His friend was never quite the same again after the fight.

But in spite of all the troubles of the pack, life went on. He met a new friend, Cordelia, an odd sandy female who enjoyed the rain and was a mother figure to all who knew her well. Along with Cordelia came her daughter, a beautiful female who had an unusual golden sand colored pelt called Naomi. It was not long that Arrow had fallen for Naomi and she for him. So, it was not long that the two had become mates. Their love was not like anything else in the cruel world. As Arrow would say, Naomi had saved him from the darkness that was slowly consuming his soul. She brought life, brightness, happiness and love to Arrow. He loved her more than the call of the hunt.

With spring came the pups of Pallatsera and Derek, as well as those of his friends Dakota and Incendiu. But just when things seemed to be calming down, and as the world appeared to be returning to normal, Pallatsera and her pups died, drowned in the river. And for the second time, the pack mourned for their beloved alphess. There was not a soul unaffected by her death. And the footsteps of the hunting grounds echoed emptily in the air like spectral steeds come to carry Pallatsera and her young to the afterlife.

And it was only a few weeks after when Arrow’s past came to haunt him again. Aethos, who had been searching the world for him, had returned. Over the months, his anger and suspicion had fermented and festered into a vow for revenge. He had come to kill him. And this time the roles were reversed. Left with no other choice, Arrow resolved to kill him before he could do the same. And in the end, only one brother remained alive, Aethos’s blood pooling at his feet, the truth lost with his death.

Or at least it had seemed that only one brother had remained. It wasn’t long afterwards that Arrow discovered that Rune, the new Alpha Male of The Howling Wind Pack, one of his best friends, was his brother; separated at such a young age by smoke and flame and footfall.

So a brother was lost, and a brother was gained, but Arrow’s loss had just begun. The months passed, and the guilt of killing his brother ate away at his stomach, but his mate, and his friends helped him through his troubles. Unfortunately, it seemed that the winds of banishing that swept the lands had become increasingly hungry and brought illness to the pack. First it took Incendiu, the beta male. Then Dakota, whose parting has stuck with Arrow the longest of all those in his life. His oldest friend departed after the death of her mate. However the banishing winds were not finished, it also took the life of Naomi who was expecting Arrow's offspring. Naomi's death and the death of their unborn pups brought Arrow back to his old dark cold hearted self. He was never quit the same after that, becoming more silent than ever.

This seemed to be a sign to Arrow so yet, again he departed his friends to live out as a rough once more. He has been following the elk herds for months until he came to a new land with a new pack territory claiming it. Yet now he is in a strange land where he does not know anyone and where no one has ever traveled before. It is the unknown. Could this be another chapter in his life or where he truly belongs? Only time would tell now.

: Relations :

"Contradictions do not exist.
Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises.
You will find that one of them is wrong
--  Ayn Rand

F A M I L Y --

Father: Sayoren [deceased]
Mother: Aneira [Alive]
Siblings: Aethos (Younger Brother [ deceased])
Cealus (Younger Sister [deceased])
Rylor (Older Brother [deceased])
Rune (Older Brother [Alive]).

M A T E S - or – P U P S  -- None
F O R M E R   M A T E -- Naomi (deceased), Arrow's first true love
C R U S H E S --   Arrow seems to be interested in a new female
F R I E N D S --  To be meet
E N E M I E S  --  His only true enemy has been his younger brother, Aethos.

: Life Songs :

: References :

.: Arrow :. 2-black-wolf-in-snow-john-hyde

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.: Arrow :. Empty Re: .: Arrow :.

Post by Silver Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:30 am

Wonderful Very Happy You are accepted, of course! ^^

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Post by Ashkii Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:08 pm

Welcome Arrow :3

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Thank you both ^-^

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Post by Arrow Sun Oct 26, 2014 3:51 pm

I apologize for double posting, however I will adding another part in Arrow's life tale and updated the relations section. Rereading it for myself, I forgot the part about his first love and heart break.


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