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Time: Noon Season: Late Summer Temperature: 78 F, 23 C Weather: The sky is blue and clear. Roleplay: Silver met a few others, and after exploring and hunting together as a pack, another wolf, named Arrow, appears at the castle.
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Post by Silver Sun Nov 03, 2013 3:19 pm

Looking for something to add to your character? Don't like the color of your fur, or maybe you want to get rid of that nasty scar there? Well you can have all of these things and more, but for a price, of course. Just make sure you have the right amount of Crystals, and soon you will have what you like!

Description: It's just a little earring you can put in your wolf's ear.
Cost: 2 Crystals

Description: A little band that goes around your wolf's wrist.
Cost: 5 Crystals

Description: A collar for your wolf to wear around his/her neck. Can be a chain collar.
Cost: 7 Crystals

Description: A small bag for a wolf to carry things in, such as a Medic would carry herbs in it.
Cost: 10 Crystals

~Scar Remover~
Description: Remove any scar you would like from your wolf's body.
Cost: Small scar: 5 Crystals Large Scar: 8 Crystals

~Fur Color Change~
Description: With this, you can change the color of your wolf's fur! Just make sure in the roleplay you make it slowly come in, and blame it on the spirits or some type of radiation of Ishabar. Also, please don't make it neon or rainbow, or your request will not be accepted.
Cost: 15 Crystals

~Eye Color Change~
Description: Basically the same thing as a Fur Color Change, just with your wolf's eyes this time!
Cost: 13 Crystals

~See something you like? Go ahead and buy it!~

Character Name:
Wanted Item:
Description of Item:

~Thank you!~

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